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It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account including username, password, and for restricting access to any computer you use to access your account or complete a transaction. By using our site, you agree to accept full responsibility for any activity which occurs on your account.

Maintenance Fees

The company might undergo site maintenance at any giving point for the benefit of our investors and company
A fee that we may charge you from your Customer Portion per each withdrawal made to cover running costs of Investment Hardware, as described on the Platform.

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User reviews are the opinion of others and are not the opinion of Omnilertrade Omnilertrade accepts no responsibility for the opinions of other users. Furthermore, User Generated Content may be published, used in adverts, shared or hosted on third party websites associated with Bullionunit. Reviews can also be visible in public areas at Omnilertrade to all visitors. You knowingly acknowledge Omnilertrade does not guarantee confidentiality with respect to any User Generated Content submitted through Omnilertrade or affiliated third parties that Bullionunit may use to collect said User Generated Content.


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Legal Costing

Any costs, including legal costs on the attorney and own client scale and value-added tax, Government Tax , incurred by Omnilertrade arising out of your Use of this website or the Website Material, or a breach of these Terms and Conditions, will be borne by you.

Terms of Purchase

When an investment order is confirmed, prices become locked-in and the order becomes a contractually binding agreement between the "investor” and Bullionunit. By placing an investment order through the Omnilertrade website and agreeing to our terms and conditions, the investor enters into a contractually binding agreement with Omnilertrade. “investor” agrees to send Bullionunit payment as contractually specified within time frame. Submitting an investment order through the website means “investor” have agree to our full terms of use including Omnilertrade order cancellation policy.

Omnilertrade reserves the right in its sole discretion to allow the dissolution of the contractually binding agreement between the "investor" and Bullionunit by cancellation of your outstanding investment order. Order cancellations will incur any operational, hedging and/or market loss fees. Any cancellation requests must be filed via our official email or through live support during normal business hours. Bullionunit will evaluate any request to cancel an order on a case-by-case basis and only under extraordinary circumstances will a cancellation be approved.

Cancellation fees are calculated as 5% of the investment order total , whichever is greater, plus any applicable market loss. Market Loss is defined as the difference between the locked spot price of an investment at the time of the investment order and the spot price of the orders at the time of cancellation. The balance due to Bullionunit is to be paid within (48) business days. If we do not receive payment within this timeframe, Bullionunit reserves the right to send customer accounts to "collections" to retrieve cancellation fees. Any cost of collections activities to Omnilertrade will be added to the balance due. Should the order enter legal proceedings, the amount owed would increase by 50% and all attorney fees incurred by Bullionunit would be the responsibility of the investor. Any market gains as a result of a cancelled order will remain the property of Bullionunit. Any order that remains unpaid outside of payment terms as described Bullionunit Payment Policies is eligible for cancellation. Omnilertrade reserves the right to decline, refuse or cancel any investment or withdrawal order with or without reason, regardless of payment method, or order confirmation. Omnilertrade also reserves the right to cancel any investment or withdrawal order deemed questionable, suspicious, too significant of risk, incorrect in confirmed plan or if payment has not been received within a specified time frame. 2.Bullionunit investment plans and withdrawal quotes include any applicable taxes. The investor is solely responsible for any applicable taxes or duties that may be applicable to a transaction with Omnilertrade 3.Due to continually changing market trading prices and value for cryptocurrency, the investment plans made by Bullionunit are valid for a during any duration. A spot price calculation is determined by Bullionunit upon its sole and absolute discretion. Pricing on any website owned or operated by Omnilertrade is for informational purposes only. 4.Omnilertrade prides itself in providing the most up-to-date pricing for you and our staff. Occasionally, we do make mistakes and there may be a typographical or calculation error. Under these rare circumstances, Omnilertrade retains the right to cancel or refund an investment or withdrawal order. If a typographical, mathematical or other error is made in the calculation of a transaction, investor agrees to take all steps requested by Omnilertrade to rectify the error. Investor further agrees to hold Omnilertrade harmless from all damages or liability arising from such error. 5.investor must notify Omnilertrade in writing within 24 business hour after receipt of material of any discrepancy, claim, or dispute arising from a transaction. If no notification is received within 24 business hour, investors agrees it is forever barred from bringing a claim for loss, damage, or other relief relating to such controversy, claim, or dispute. 6.Cryptocurrency: When you place an investment order at Omnilertrade and elect to pay with an accepted cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.), you will have 15 minutes to confirm your deposit . You will have this option immediately on the page you are sent to once you successfully submit an investment order. If your order is not confirmed within the 15 minute timeframe, your order will be automatically cancelled and subject to the cancellation fees outlined on this page. Additionally, Omnilertrade has no control over which cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets are supported and accepted by our company unless otherwise stated by the Administrators.  7.Larger Order Policy - A large investment or withdrawal order is defined as and order equal to or greater than $50,000 USD. If you are looking to place a trade of this size, please notify and speak to any of our online support team before placing the order. At Bullionunit's discretion, we may require a 10% - 50% deposit before locking in the spot price of a large investment or withdrawal order. Also, larger deposit or withdrawal orders may only be approved via the online support team during our business hours.


WE Omnilertrade provides cryptocurrency investment services. Before availing our services, do your research and get answers to your questions to find out whether cryptocurrency investment is legal in your state, country, province or not.

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